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Fabulous game and my wife really likes it. Very addictive! One thing though is there is a little bug we think whereby after a series of numbered squares have come off, you can be left with a long line of new numbers which have been created (normally in the centre row) and other rows are normal or have shrunk as you would expect. It only occurs occasionally and when lots of quick calculations are needed.

Neat game! Would be nice if the music stays mute once switched off though (and not turn on again after a game over)

Good idea - I'll put that in over the weekend

Nice game, and small gameplay:

Thanks as always for the video :)

Nice game, also no problem regarding the music reducing to 2 channels. I have no issue with that ;)

Thanks Richard, appreciate that. One day I will finish my 'modern' tracker and write some myself, I just cannot get on with Goattracker!

very nice, with compliments

Thanks very much :)