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Go Go Go! :)

I Really hope Arlasoft decide to ignore the "PIRATES" and continue onward with more STELLAR Releases - They are Clearly Incredibly Talented and it would be A Crushing Blow not to see ROBOTRON 2084 and FUNFAIR inc Released !

It would be such a pity if this died a death, it looks so good it really does look brilliant. I do hope you can one day finish it.

I saw your post on Facebook about not developing any more games and how you mentioned that no one on csdb should release your unfinished games as previews, someone has unfortunately done so.

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Looks really good. "Robotron 2084" is an Arcade-classic, looking forward to this conversion of the game here for the C64.

By the way, on the Amiga a very similar game named "Llamatron 2112" exists and the way, they solved it with the controls for 1-button-joysticks there in this game, is really superb. Works really very good, as a player you even don't miss dual-joysticks then. Maybe you could have a look at this Amiga game one time and when you like these controls, it could be solved in a similar way, here in "Robotron 2064"?

Only a suggestion of course, but i wanted to have this mentioned, because in my eyes, Llamatron plays really great, even with only one 1-button-controller.

This looks awesome

Super stoked about this.


Is it already finished ?




Awesome! I can't WAIT. Arghhh



Great ! Arlasoft, you rules !

This is going to be SUPERB!

Looking great so far!

Will it have dual joystick support?




Ooh, this should be good!  Any chance of support for the SNES adapter?

It's possible I guess, testing could be tricky as I don't have one myself!

He's a coding example:

Unfortunately, VICE doesn't support this adapter yet. 


You're making the magic happening again Thank you sooooo much :)

looking forward to this one.