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This game is awesome! I tested it on original hardware using a harmony cart and it works great. The only issue I have noticed is that if you end with a highscore in the 10,000s it it chops off the 1 on the highscore in the subsequent games. (ie if you get a 15,520 your high score will show up as 5,520).  I have been playing this a lot over the last 2 days and there are some combos of moves that I know are possible but that I almost always fail on.  I'll get them!

Cool game!


i got really excited when I received an email notifying me that you’d made a new game, then I realised it wasn’t for the C64. I was so disappointed! You’re a bloody genius and I bet there’s loads of people like me missing your input on the C64 games scene. Anyway, all the best.


Thanks Tony, I'm still working on bits and pieces when the mood takes me, so there might be the odd game now and again. 


Did Atari 2600 dev make you want to return to C64 game dev yet? :P


I really miss those quality games too.