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It would be awesome if you would also publish an NTSC conversion of your Berzerk port :)

Funny bug - I went left from the starting screen I was given and tripped the wall on the way. The screen scrolled left to a new map and I hit game over. When I started a new game, the new game immediately threw me left a screen!

Very good conversion ^^ ! I even bought it twice, that's saying something ^^ !

Amazing work! Thanks! Seems that HI-SCORE saving doesnt work, at least on my Ultimate 1541 II +

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You're not the only one who has noticed a bug here.

Apparently scores are getting saved but rounded down - or something. Somebody managed to get 660 points and then it was saved as 600 - or so I read. Haven't been able to reproduce this myself though.

Hopefully there'll be a v1.2 soon

It is not a "rounding" problem here. I don't get any save data on disk.

The hi-score bug only occurs on the final entry....the final byte is not being saved. An update will be done soon. As for issues with Ultimate 1541, I have no way of testing this. If it works on a real 1541 and VICE it suggests a bug with the ultimate.

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It's not only the 1541-U, that has a problem here. Played the game on my SD2IEC and "saving the score itself" works and score first can also correctly be seen in score-list and is also saved. But after restarting the game, the score is rounded-down all the time. Very strange. At once, not my real score is shown in the score-list, but a rounded down score to a full hundred. For example, i have 650 points, but only 600 is saved and stand in the scorelist, when game is restarted. Seems like, only the first number (which is a 6 in my example) is saved, but not the digits after the 6. This happens also in emu's, not only on SD2IEC. I guess here are 2 bugs, the rounding thing and a problem on 1541U with saving itself.

great job !!!   

Excellent port apart from the sound samples, but I can understand why they are a bit garbled

Apparently they sound much better on VICE than a real SID

Excellent port of an amazing game. Great job! 

Great work! How did you manage to replicate the algorithms so accurately? Maybe the new retro Mega65 machine needs a version too :)

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Really enjoying these arcade ports! Hope you enjoy the coins detected in my pocket.

If there was one arcade game that I think needs a C64 port, I suggest Exidy's "Venture". It has a 6502 CPU as well.

A recharged old school game ! Great synths sounds. Love it !


How about Magic Voice support?


That sounds like a good idea.

this would be excellent and I think solve the problem with the samples interfering with the sprite multiplexor

The Magic Voice has a very limited amount of words it can say, though.

You can extend the vocabulary

Really love the gameplay but the sample quality is maybe a bit too low. It's very hard to understand what is being said.

For the rest, it plays like the real deal. Nice job!


Yeah, there is no way to improve it without having flickering sprites. The sample player has to make way for the multiplexor so playback is inconsistent. I'll post a list of their phrases, if you know what you're listening for it's better!

Thank you for your reply. It's always a fight with those old systems ;-)

You're my favourite dev buddy :)

very good

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pog! Just trying it out, can't hear what they're saying, but the game plays great.  (I'm trying both 6581 and 8580 SIDs on Ultimamte 64 - but I'll try enabling one at a time and see if it improves it)

Will definitely be louder on 6581. Posted a list of their phrases in the blurb. I've heard them so many times now they sound as clear as a bell :D

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I tried it in Vice and it's clearer and louder than on both my real SIDs (6581 or 8580) it's just too garbled.  You can listen on my vod from tonight if you like.


Great game!