A downloadable game

Written in 6502 in Kickassembler for the Commodore 64, this is a port of the tabletop game from the 1980s, which was released under several brand names. 

Another exercise in learning assembler, this time adding music, sfx, title screens etc. 

No sprite multiplexing necessary in this one, mostly characters switching on and off. The lava, dinosaur head, axe and caveman are all sprites.  Code available on Github. If you upload a crack/trainer to CSDB.dk please credit those involved:


  • Code - Nick Sherman (madbeagle)
  • GFX - Nick Sherman (madbeagle)
  • Title Music - Richard Bayliss
  • Game Music - Stepz
  • SFX - Stepz
  • SFX - Mike Richmond


Caveman.d64 170 kB
caveman.prg 13 kB
Caveman.t64 14 kB


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This is great. Played: