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A Commodore-264 series port of the Game & Watch version of Donkey Kong Junior. Once the VIC20  version was done this seemed an obvious next step. It was just a question of converting the c64 sprites into characters and squeezing them into the already-full character set, then using the VIC20 display code with the appropriate registers changed.

Github for C64, VIC20 and C16/Plus4 versions

Avoid the snappers and birds to reach the key and free Donkey Kong.  Jump to the fruit to drop it on enemies. 


  • Left/Right - move
  • Fire - jump
  • Down - drop from vine or to level below
  • Up - move from connecting vine to level above
  • Left + Fire - jump for key


  • Jump over enemy  - 1
  • Fruit on top snapper - 3
  • Fruit on bird - 6
  • Fruit on bottom snapper - 9
  • Reach key - 10
  • Unlock cage - 20


  • KickAssembler
  • Sublime Text
  • VICE & YAPE emulators
  • CharPad
  • Gimp


dkj_264.tap 113 kB
dkj_c16plus4.d64 170 kB
dkj_264.prg 6 kB


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thank you very much