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A VIC20 port of the Game & Watch version of Donkey Kong Junior. Following the C64 version I was messing around with KickAssembler to see if it would compile for the VIC20 - and it did. For some reason I then felt compelled to port the game over. No sprites on that machine so everything had to be converted to use characters, however many of the routines from the Caveman game came in handy there.

Github for C64 and VIC20 version

Should work on any machine with expanded memory but let me know if there's a problem with your setup.

Avoid the snappers and birds to reach the key and free Donkey Kong.  Jump to the fruit to drop it on enemies. 


  • Left/Right - move
  • Fire - jump
  • Down - drop from vine or to level below
  • Up - move from connecting vine to level above
  • Left + Fire - jump for key


  • Jump over enemy  - 1
  • Fruit on top snapper - 3
  • Fruit on bird - 6
  • Fruit on bottom snapper - 9
  • Reach key - 10
  • Unlock cage - 20


  • KickAssembler
  • Sublime Text
  • VICE
  • CharPad
  • Excel  (creating a lookup table from C64 multi-colour to VIC)


dkj_vic20.t64 6 kB
dkj_vic20.prg 5 kB
dkj_vic20.d64 170 kB

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