A C64 port of the Game & Watch version of Donkey Kong Junior, as a first project dipping my toes into the waters of 6502 assembler.

Avoid the snappers and birds to reach the key and free Donkey Kong.  Jump to the fruit to drop it on enemies. 

Update: Title screen, high score and scoring for jumping over upcoming snappers from a vine added.


  • Left/Right - move
  • Fire - jump
  • Down - drop from vine or to level below
  • Up - move from connecting vine to level above
  • Left + Fire - jump for key


  • Jump over enemy  - 1
  • Fruit on top snapper - 3
  • Fruit on bird - 6
  • Fruit on bottom snapper - 9
  • Reach key - 10
  • Unlock cage - 20
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GenreAction, Platformer
TagsCommodore 64, Retro


dkj_gw.d64 170 kB
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I played it and it was fantastic!

very good

Thanks a lot for this great port :) There are no good G&W emulators, and these great games are lost in time ... really wish some like you will take time to release some others like it :) The last Ciment Factory is really cool too and he add Music ... i think it's a good idea in 2020 to give more fun to the games and for young gamer :)


Hi Darknior. If you're interested I've created some playable 3D simulations of Game & Watch titles (including Donkey Kong Jr and Mario's Cement factory) on RetroFab.


This is great. Played: