The building is on fire and people are jumping off the balconies! Move the firemen and their trampoline under the falling people and bounce them into the ambulance. The speed and number of jumpers at any one time increases as the game progresses.

The game was written in 6502 assembly, which I learnt recently thanks to Shallan's superb Twitch and Youtube series, 'Let's make a C64 game'.

This will be the final 'Game & Watch' style port, I've learnt as much as I can from them so will now work on something a bit different!


  • Sublime Text
  • KickAssembler
  • CharPad
  • Gimp


fire.d64 170 kB
fire.prg 7 kB


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Excellent to discover you also made this one :)
Thanks a lot

Great game, thanks.

This is great. Played: 

Thanks very much, hope you enjoyed all three games! :)

Yes I did. There is a link under each game. I hope for more great "Game & Watch" games.