A downloadable game

All the fun of the fair (well, some of it...)

This downloadable version is where development stopped a couple of years ago, I just hit a brick wall and the motivation to tackle even the smallest feature or bug isappeared.

Unfortunately unless I get into a position where I can do my own thing all day every day I don't see me having the time or energy to finish it, but I will make the code available to anyone who wants to have a go. Most of the planned features are implemented, it would just be a question of bug fixing, adding mouse support and making sure all the finances and RNGs are balanced to make the game fun. At present it's just a bit of a sandbox to muck around in and try and break :)


  • Click on the park gates to open to the public
  • Place rides etc. before paths as they have a less flexible grid system than paths
  • The save button is disabled and the settings button takes you to the wage negotiation screen

Other than that see what you can build and what you can break....


  • 32 rides and animal attractions
  • 20 shops and gaming stalls
  • 16 features and toilet facilities

What's In The Game

  • Design and run your dream theme park
  • Research new attractions, facility improvements etc.
  • Hire staff to help the park run smoothly
  • Manage stock levels
  • Negotiate pay rises with staff union
  • Acquire loans to pay for improvements
  • Set ticket, shop and stall prices
  • Beat the competition with a profitable and happy park
  • Choose from a number of difficulty levels
StatusOn hold
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
TagsAmiga, Commodore 64, Management, Retro, sim


funfair_preview.prg 24 kB


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Very promising game with great attention to detail, which is already quite impressive from a technical point of view. Our German-language preview can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 01:50:15. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

Nice preview!

Theme Park? ❤️

Any Updates on what looks like quite frankly...  An Incredible Gaming Experience !

This is looking awesome, looking forward to it!

Where to buy? When is release'



Can it be played with a mouse, or just with a joystick?

Mouse support will be added.

Holy Sh... I want this!

That looks awesome! I would buy it immediately, if it's going to be sold on cartridges. :)

How is development going on? I'm really eager to try this beauty of a game! :)

can i pre-pay for this? I want it!


when? :)

what is it


Waiting 4 it

This is going to be awesome, really looking forward to playing this!

Looks pretty fun. Thanks in advance.

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cant wait for it :) will be an awesome christmas

I'm afraid it won't be ready for Christmas as other priorities have come along, but I will be going full-steam ahead in the New Year to get this released ASAP.

(1 edit) (+1)

its done when its done. Thanks for your work


!!! OMG this is incredible and such a surprise! Will this run on NTSC? 

At the moment it does, just tried it - I don't see a reason why that should change as all the heavy processing is split over several frames so the lower cpu cycles per frame shouldn't be an issue.


Now that looks awesome! That will be a day 1 purchase for me!

Cheers, hope it can live up to expectations!

I'm sure it will! That's exactly the kind of game the C64 is lacking (by the way: even the ZX Spectrum has its Theme-Park-like game "Fun Park" which is also a brillant little game). I really look forward to Funfair Inc.!

This is just amazing, Really awesome work your doing.

Thanks very much!

Love to see this get a physical release. Used to love theme park and theme hospital etc

Yes I'm definitely going to get in contact with some publishers and see if we can do a release on disk. I suppose it would work on cartridge too but would need a disk to save your game on.

Not if you used a GMod2 cart, like Sam’s Journey and Hunter’s Moon Remastered.

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I think a GMod2 cart can only save about 2K - I'd need about 11K, maybe more if I have enough processing time left to allow more people in the park at once.

Ah, didn’t realise save games would take up that much room. I guess the question is, would cartridge improve the play experience in terms of loading etc?

Yeah, it would definitely improve/eliminate the initial load time. Saving and loading takes about 30 seconds, which I think I can live with. A cartridge would also help with starting a new game as that just loads a blank saved game. 

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Hi there - please get in touch with us (via the contact form on our website)! We have a cartridge solution at hand that can save up to 128k and we are interested in the game.

Yeah there are a few people saying their games are saved. But if like me prefer it proper old school and just remake the parks each time lol

Yes, I want that box and those feelies!  Warp speed ahead!

Looks nice. I'm guessing it is still work in progress ;)

Yep, about 80% done in terms of features but then comes the game balancing. Not looking forward to that bit! :)