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This is a great bit of work, sir.

very good

Here's just a sample game play video of Galaxian DX.  Check it out and subscribe to my channel if you're so inclined!  Thanks!

What an incredible effort with this insanely good port, Galaxian -DX-!  Galaxian has always been a super difficult game... the original arcade version sucked quarters out of this guy back in the day as fast as I could pump them into the coin slot... lol!  This version includes a "SPEED RUN" mode that is super fun!  It allows you to compete against yourself in a mini-game style that doesn't require a lot of commitment of time.  My record so far is 37.64 seconds which included a 98% hit rate!  Great work ARLASOFT!


It's a good port.

Nice port !

Is it just me recognizing a short hick-up/stop in enemy wave movement when is continously shoot at the enemies? Maybe sometihng cycle related? Tested on real PAL HW and Vice 3.2.

Do you mean when they all just stop moving for a moment? They are able to sense an incoming bullet and will stop if continuing to move would have put them in its path, until the bullet has reached the top of the screen.

Oh, it's a feature. Now I get it. thanks for clarification. This port is indeed an excellent piece of code. Keep the ball rollin!!

just a curiosity.

Original arcade game score:

Flagship: 60 points in formation, 150 points in flight
Flagship: 200 points in flight with one escort

You get 300 pts. if you kill Flagship in flyght alone and 300 pts. if you hit flagship in flight with one escort. 

Or am I wrong?

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Great port. It plays well and looks nice. Good work!

Whoah! This is excellent. Thank you for porting on of my fave arcade games.

Also, thanks for sharing source code too.

Another winner from you!

I have seen a few ports of Galaxian on the C64. Although quite good, none of those matched the quality and performance of this port. Well done. This is one of the best ports of Galaxian I have ever seen on a Commodore 64.

WOW! Great port of Galaxian. Next arcade port? Gaplus?

There's already a very good port of Gaplus done back in the day, not sure I could improve it dramatically. Got a number of potential projects on the go....not decided which to focus on yet.

Yes, Gaplus was ported to the Commodore 64 back in 1988/1989 and was released as a budget game by Mastertronic. I have the tape original which the start of this video features the loading bitmap and Rob Hubbard's awesome tape loading music. 

This port of Gaplus to my general opinion is absolutely brilliant. The coders did a marvelous job porting the game to the much loved 8-bit computer. 

I guess the next step up would be a more faithful port of 1942! That would really test out a sprite multiplexer! That said, the larger sprites and attack pattern data would make it a tough challenge.


OMG you did it again you are just mu GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much, you rock man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Amazing port! Plays very faithfully!

The highscore saver will crash the program before it starts if you didn't load the game from a diskdrive though... although in such cases it's just best to disable highscore saving/loading if the last load device is less than 8 (should be able to handle tape loads and cartridge DMA loads then!)

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Checks current device. If device is below device #$08, it detects as a tape drive and skips saver. I use this for my C64 projects, when catering for both .D64 and .TAP versions of my games :) I hope this helps.

ldx $ba
cpx #$08 ;Device should be #$08+ in order to save
bcc skips ;Device below #$08
... do disk drive load / save code
rts ;Or jump to main program

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It's amazing how many high-score savers actually don't cater for this problem and can't gracefully handle disk errors... but the scene doesn't want to know about anything other than drive 8, expect it to always be there, and to never fail. But this is a simple fix, so why not if the game is a one-filer?

A superb port of the classic arcade game finally comes to the 64! Galaxian fans will not be disappointed!