This is one of a number of ports of very early, less successful arcade games I've been working on, and was also originally an Easter egg in my game Oyup.

Gyspy Juggler was released in 1978 by Meadows, a company that didn't enjoy much success and this was one of the last games they made before disappearing. I think it's a fun little game though, particularly compared with the others that were around at the time. The game is available to play in the browser as well as a .prg download for playing on real hardware, TheC64 or an emulator.


  • Fire/Z  = release a juggling ball into the play area
  • Direction/Arrow keys = move the juggler


  • Bounce eggs (yes, circular eggs...) on his arms to keep them in the air
  • The closer to his shoulder an egg hits, the shallower the bounce angle
  • Eggs can bounce on his head, this will give a lower, straight bounce but award no points
  • Start with 1 or 2 eggs until you get used to the controls
  • The more eggs in play when an egg is bounced, the more points are scored

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Loved it. Great little game

very good

70s is a bit too ancient for me...