A classic arcade space shoot ‘em up written in 6502 assembler for the Commodore 64.  Last as long as you can against the invading hordes arriving from deep space.  You can play above in the browser or download the .prg or .d64 to use with a real or emulated Commodore 64. Thanks to @James for his superb browser-based C64 emulator/debugger available at

This was written on Monday 5th, as I was fairly busy over the weekend and hadn't come up with any decent ideas for Ludum Dare (as per). I was noodling about with some sprites on Sunday night and decided the player ship needed to be in a game. So I took a break from working on Funfair Inc. (Theme Park port) for the C64 to make this. It locks up occasionally, there wasn't time to fix that for the jam - hopefully I can track that down for a post-jam version.


  • Slow enemy = 5 
  • Fast enemy = 10
  • Clear entire wave = 200


  • UP = Up Arrow
  • DOWN = Down Arrow
  • Z = Fire

....or joystick in Port 2 on a real C64/emulator.


infinite.prg 4 kB
infinite.d64 170 kB

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