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I challenge my friends at this game when they´re over. Now I have no friends anymore.

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I want it in digital version!!!!! Please!

As with all the entries it will be released in downloadable C64 format in April. 

This is ridiculously good. What is wrong with you? Stop making me look like the amateur I am...

Seriously though, I am in equal parts impressed and utterly jealous. Keep it up!

Haha thanks, you've had a good enough week though! :)

True :D

14 Goals , 930 best try yet....cmon guys, I want to know your scores, and encourage Arlasoft to develope this game a little further! =D

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Great one, I like this a lot! Although I still have to practice.^^
Can I somehow vote for it or who judges the rankings of the competition? For my taste, the best entry up to now....
This one is truly fun....after the competiton you should think about developing it further!
Add the things you already had to leave out, add a titlescreen, music, more sound effects (audience, "chants", drums, hitting the goal posts), add different game modes (f.e. "time attack mode), a (saveable) highscore list....
I would buy it.^^
I think I like this so much, because I just love Sensible Soccer and it looks a lot like it. I wonder why noone ever tried to port it to the C64.
Oh, and it reminds me of "Peter Shiltons Handball Maradonna", although there you control the goalie. Played that game a lot back in the days...


Thanks very much, glad you enjoyed it! A port of Sensi is something I'd like to do one day, but I probably need to do another game with scrolling first to get the hang of that, as there needs to be plenty of CPU time left to do some decent AI.

Awesome game! Perfect contribution for the cassette!