UPDATE: Fix made to 2-player mode which could get into an endless loop

Something a little different, I've made maybe 50-60 games over the years but never a shoot 'em up, even though I love the classic arcade shooter (not the modern 'bullet hell' ones!). I was inspired to look at the 2600 catalogue by Antonio Savona's great recent Activision ports, and thought this would be a *reasonably* simple port, plus it's a pretty fun and challenging game with some odd-looking sprites!

Each level consists of a different enemy type with varying attack patterns, simply clear all the enemies before your energy bar runs out to progress. As you progress the enemies will fire more often and faster, while keeping you guessing with their attack patterns.

By default, you can hold down the fire button to autofire, and when you fire bullets they will follow your ship, allowing you to 'steer' them into enemies. Bullets will also drop more slowly. On the title screen you have the option to change these settings to make for a more difficult game.

You score points for each enemy hit, and also the enemy value (shown below) multipled by the amount of energy left (out of 80). PAL only at the moment, I'm afraid - I'm right on the edge of running out of raster time so would need to re-think for NTSC. 

Source Code (KickAssembler)


NoEnemy (Yes, really!)Points (1st time round)
Radial Tire
Steam Iron
7Bow Tie

After this point the enemies loop around forever, and are all worth 90 points.


prg-6.zip 495 kB
megamania.prg 12 kB
megamania.d64 170 kB

Development log


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very good

NTSC version please?


It would take quite a lot of effort to get it running on NTSC, as there is 15% less processing time per frame. On PAL it was very tight to get everything done in time for the next frame, because there are so many sprites on screen at the same time, along with software sprites for the bullets. The code is available if someone wanted to have a go at it. 

Excess crack has been NTSC fixed if anyone is interested!

'Crack' is a strong word for a game where the source code is freely available ;)


Great! Love this on C64!

Thanks :)

I've always wanted an authentic c64 port of Megamania, well done! Can't wait to get home and try it :)

Hope you enjoy it!

Great work, thanks.

You're welcome, thanks for the comment


Thanks for the videos, always appreciated

Wow this is very, very nice! I'm having so much fun this afternoon! Thanks for making this!!

No problem, glad you're enjoying it!