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The fast-paced bean-juggling puzzle gameplay of the SEGA Megadrive games Puyo Puyo 2 / Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine comes to the C64 for the first time.

Connect four or more beans of the same colour to clear them from the grid. Set up elaborate combos to send rocks to your opponents' side and ruin their carefully laid plans, or to avert rocks about to drop on yours! If your third column from the next fills up to the top, you lose.

Including all the features of the 16-bit versions:

  • Scenario mode with 48 unique AI opponents
  • Four difficulty levels 
  • Two-player versus mode with handicaps available to balance the odds
  • Practice mode (play for score without opponent until grid fills)
  • Colour-blind friendly mode
  • Multiple high-score tables complete with saving to disk
  • Soundtrack by Mike Richmond, prominent C64 musician and creator of Vegetables & Freeze64
  • Plus a special surprise to unlock if you can beat Scenario Mode!

This game, including code, graphics and sound, were created in just over a month for the Retro Games Winter Dev Competition.  

Thanks go to Stepz and in particular Hayesmaker64 for their help in testing the game.


oyup.d64 170 kB


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Masterpiece, play a lot of time.. Thank you so much

I was thinking to myself recently "wouldn't it be nice if there was a 90's style 2 player puzzle game like Dr Mario or something on C64" and here you are with this and it is excellent! Works great on my NTSC HW

Such a great port! Nice to get this on theC64, and not only to play in browser ;) 

Thanks a lot

Nice, maybe make the border black?

that's one fantastic game, thanks.

Thx :)

very nice

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Just played it, it is awesome, congrats.

First time I played I passed the scenario(standard) mode in one go :P I used to play the arcade version when I was a teenager, good memories.

Thanks. Haha, an experienced player then!

Amazing port! Congratulations!

Thanks very much! :)

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I saw this game at theC64 Winter Game Dev competition and played it last night. A very well done great port of a memorable game and possibly a world's first attempt to make this type of party game for the Commodore 64. It was great fun to play. You and Mike have done a brilliant job with this masterpiece. 

Thanks a lot Richard, appreciate the kind words!


awww yeh! http://www.indieretronews.com/2020/12/oyup-good-puyo-puyo-clone-released.html