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Game is really good, but i wanted to ask again. Would it be possible, to realize a v1.1 version of this game, in which the player could use the Fire-2 button (Pot-X, which is the second button of the "Cheetah Annihilator" controller) or the Space-Bar (or in the best case both) to turn a falling piece in the opposite direction, so that overall, pieces could be turned in both directions and not only in one?

There are hardware-adapters (for the real C64) and also software emulators, that support Fire-2 or Space-Bar and such an addition to the game, would improve the gameplay drastically, especially against the stronger CPU-opponents in the higher levels, where the player has not much time, to place the falling pieces correctly. At the moment, I sometimes only lose, because it takes too long, to turn a piece three times to the right, instead of one time to the left.

All console versions of "Puyo Puyo" allow the player, to rotate in both directions and this would be really great to have in "Oyup" too, therefore i hope for a v1.1, that has Fire-2 (or/and Space-Bar) support integrated. There are more games on the C64 in the meantime, that use more than one button and here in this nice puzzler, 2-Button support really would make a big difference. Short reply would be nice, if such an addition would be possible. For the game "Pillars", 2-button-support would also be great by the way, similar story as with "Oyup", cause both are based on 2-button arcade/console originals.


My wife finally did it!

Damnit. I thought Oy up! was just a suitable game for my girlfriend. I loaded it and I might have even paid for it. 
It put the .d64 file on SD and tried to run the game with real c64, Pi1541zero and fb64. Alas, all I got was the start screen(?). No button press does anything.
Any ideas how to get the game running?
Pillars seems to work just fine.

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Imagine if C64 owners had Oyup and Pillars in the 90's when originals were released for SNES and Sega Genesis/MegaDrive. These are must play classic tile matching puzzle games. And these clones for C64 are top quality with great graphics and sound. lacks rating system for games and devs. I would like to give these games and Arlasoft *****/*****.

Edit: I just found that there's a rating system for the games. I'm rating Pillars and Oyup 5 stars... :P

Any game that has a high score saving feature is great. I like to play with friends and family and being able to have the scores saved.

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Really a great game and good "Puyo Puyo" port, congratulation. I especially like, that playing against a CPU is possible, which is ideal when often no human player is available to play against. Only one thing i could not found out, or maybe it is not possible at all?

In higher levels against stronger CPU-opponents, when the gameplay becomes very fast, i find no way, to turn the pieces in the opposite direction. I was searching in the game-menue for an alternative keyboard-control, but seems like, this don't exist so far and the very most C64 controllers have only one button.

This is not ideal in this kind of games. Often i only lost against a CPU-opponent, because i had to press the Firebutton three times and the piece then don't turn thrice quickly enough. Turning one time to the other direction would have been the perfect solution here, but how to do so? Is this not possible? In all "Puyo Puyo" console-games, this is a very important factor in the gameplay.

For this C64 version of the game, i think, it should not be a big problem, to include a choosable keyboard-control as an alternative control-method in the game-menue. Not necessary to have a 2-button-controller then, because puzzle-games often can be played very good over keyboard and when turning pieces in both directions would be possible with this then, it would be a great improvement to the gameplay. Especially in the higher levels, when the player has nearly zero-time to position a falling piece in the perfect place.

Therefore i hope for a little update to this great game that allows turning the pieces in both directions, like it is in all the console "Puyo Puyo" ports.


Masterpiece, play a lot of time.. Thank you so much

I was thinking to myself recently "wouldn't it be nice if there was a 90's style 2 player puzzle game like Dr Mario or something on C64" and here you are with this and it is excellent! Works great on my NTSC HW

Such a great port! Nice to get this on theC64, and not only to play in browser ;) 

Thanks a lot

Nice, maybe make the border black?

that's one fantastic game, thanks.

Thx :)

very nice

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Just played it, it is awesome, congrats.

First time I played I passed the scenario(standard) mode in one go :P I used to play the arcade version when I was a teenager, good memories.

Thanks. Haha, an experienced player then!

Amazing port! Congratulations!

Thanks very much! :)

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I saw this game at theC64 Winter Game Dev competition and played it last night. A very well done great port of a memorable game and possibly a world's first attempt to make this type of party game for the Commodore 64. It was great fun to play. You and Mike have done a brilliant job with this masterpiece. 


Thanks a lot Richard, appreciate the kind words!


awww yeh!