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Very nice game. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 03:36:31. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

1.1 ?

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Very nice port. We play it now at the C64 game challenge. I learned about Pacman from it. Never though Pacman was this advanced. As I see reported the HiScore save to disk after every game no matter score. Hope this will be fixed.

Nice game !!

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I think this is an amazing port, but it felt like it plays too fast for me on my TheC64 Maxi. Also the controls didn't feel the most responsive, needing to hold the direction on turns otherwise it didn't register. Maybe I'm just new to Pacman? I know the sound effects didn't sound accurate to me, but I'm wondering if that's just the SID chip?

Found a bug in the game. If you eat a blue ghost and the last dot of the maze at the same time, the game will go to attract mode. This happened on a NTSC machine.

This is an awesome port! I came across this on a tweet, tried it out and wondered if you would allow it to be offered as a download on our website too ( 


This couldn't have been more perfectly timed - I'm actually making a MASSIVE YouTube project that involves showcasing the many ports of Pac-Man (homebrew and official) and challenging myself to see how far I can get in each one, then followed with a review of the port - this released literally in the midst of that, so this is VERY exciting indeed!

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Really a good conversion of Pac-Man for the C64. Thanks for that one and all the other good games, that came out by Arlasoft in last time.

But before V1.1 of Pac-Man now comes, maybe the last issues in Galaga could be solved and a V1.6 of that game could first be released, because for that final version of Galaga some users wait a long time now and strangely enough, all other things (Galaxian, Pillars, Berzerk, Pac-Man etc) are somehow preferred to these last fix and I guess, it's not really a big deal, to change these autofire-problems there. Thanks in advance. :)


Hello and once again thank you for bringing the 64 to degrees of quality it never touched - talking here especially of the attention in converting the inner workings of the original Pac-Man masterpiece. 

I dare to provide a suggestion about the scrolling - not coming from me but from Namco:D

Please check what they did in the Game Boy version. Focusing on vertical axis, they start doing a overscan scroll much earlier (64 pixels from the level border or so). This makes the scrolling feel less abrupt, and starts revealing a bit earlier the not visible area.

(And of course sorry if you already considered this option and ruled it out because reasons!)

That said: you rock. Have a nice day! 

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Game Gear version.

Indeed. Even in the GG case, the scrolling is locked to Pac as soon as he reaches the central third of the screen, and it feels a bit abrupt. My point is that a slower vertical scrolling starting earlier, together with the way Pac moves along the y axis of the screen, would be less disruptive for the kind of playstyle Pac-Man has. Namco used this scrolling style also on GBC.

Yes, I see it. Scroll is smoother / slower. And a little earlier we can see this invisible part of the board (when moving up and down)

AS far as i understood the c64 version is supposed to be ARCADE perfect, so basically matches the Arcade version :)

Absolutely stunning arcade fidelity in fact - my suggestion is related to the scrolling technique only. 

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant, with the scrolling it feels “epic”. If you can do this then you can do a version of Pacman Championship Edition!

- Current 1UP Score (0 points) is transferred to Hi-Score during Demo play.

- The Current 1UP Score is carried over to the Hi-Score even though it is less than or equal to the Hi-Score value

- The Save Hi-Score operation is performed every time the game ends, even if the value of Hi-Score has not changed.

- And as mentioned before, the used method of reading the SEQ file is incompatible with the ActionReplay Turbo cartridge for some reason. (The SEQ file is written byte to byte, but similarly to PRG, because the first two bytes contain start-address for load. But that's not a problem with Save, only with Load.
When I change code to PACSCORE,P (for name for load and save) file is written and read as PRG without problems.)



Thanks, will get these fixed for 1.1.

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Is it possible to repair hi-score? In the concept version it seems to work correctly.
And if you could rename one SEQ file, both games could be saved in one d64

There is a score bug: if you get the 4th blue ghost, you earn 100 points, the fourth ghost should be worth 1600 points


Good catch - we were so focused on catastrophic bugs like the scrolling completely breaking, we missed this off-by-one error. Will fix in 1.1.

Great version of Pacman! I have noticed that there is a bug in the score when you eat the ghosts. On the screen it says 200, but he added 400. If he eats 400, then he adds 800 and so on. Thanks !


Thanks, will fix for v1.1!

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I also just made a gameplay and commentary video on this new release, I thought the scrolling maze would bother me!

I enjoyed your playthrough video and comments. Thank you for that.

Simply stunning ! :) Will at some point share the code like you did for other games (for learning purpose) ? Anyway, as usual, mind blowing :)

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Great version of Pacman.

I noticed that if I use an Action Replay cartridge the load hi-score does not work. 62, FILE NOT FOUND. Save SEQ file with turbo works fine.

I have to turn off the Action Replay turbo with the OFF command and start the game, then the load hi-score SEQ file works ok.
I did a test, I checked the loader available at this link and it loaded the Pacscore file without any problems. With AR turbo ON. (fname TEXT "pacscore,s,r")

also with emulator hiscore does not work.

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If I change the name to PACSCORE,P  under $7645 and $76f8 then load/save HS works fine... But does the PRG file
and I see another problem, hiscore saved even when the points are less than or equal to the best score

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but did a load into memory with start address (two bytes $4C $0C - $0c4c)
I am not sure if the SEQ file should contain such a start address. It is like saving PRG but with SEQ extension

I am humbled by how lovely this game is

Beautiful work as you have us accustomed to, thanks! 

Now, while I love Lady Pac, I'd still love to see a Ms Pacman port by you using this same scrolling format and attention to detail.

And Again the Master of Code comes in and delivers a pure jewel .... Thank you soooo much :)

Excellent arcade conversion!

Thank you for your tribute to Pac Man and the glorious unforgettable and ever-present C64, finally a perfect version of the arcade

great game

very good

Awesome game!

Wow! Your output is phenomenal. All great quality. Will be playing this later. Thanks. Your support for the beloved C64 is greatlu appreciated.

Okay, have played and it's perfect! Well done!