I have been looking for a small project to get my eye back in after Christmas, and had also been watching Best Ludum Dare Game compilations on Youtube. As a poor game designer the ingenuity of many of the entries, particularly given the restriction of the themes and the time allowed (48 or 72 hours) is sickening! 

However this casual game by Sam Demaine caught my eye as something that would be simple to do on the C64 and also I think has the 'one more game' factor.

I have added a few power-ups to vary the gameplay slightly but other than that it follows the original design. The game is playable on a real C64 or emulator, or you can play in the browser on this page. Feel free to post your best scores in the comments!


How To Play

Collect as many yellow tokens as possible while steering left and right to avoid the ever-increasing number of coloured enemy planes. 

Enemy planes follow the same path as you, with the exception that unlike you they cannot wrap around from one side of the screen to the other and will instead turn around.

This means you can try different strategies to manipulate enemy movements or simply rely on quick reflexes to steer clear of trouble.



Collecting one of these will cause the following effects, listed from most common to least common, for 8 seconds. You will get an audio and visual warning when the effect is about to wear off.

  Slow down enemy planes (most common)

  Invulnerable to collisions with enemy planes

 Enemies exit edge of screen (least common)


The full source code with assets is available on Github in KickAssembler format.

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Nice game. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 01:08:03. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

Simple and addictive, I like it! Thank you

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Fun game! Played it in the browser on keyboard.


Lots of fun - thank you!

Reminds me of my "Asteroids-with-a-twist" game Sector Squad:

Fun challenging little game. I'll definitely add this to my theC64 and Ultimate :)

good job

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Thanks a lot for all your C64 games! Your productivity rate is mind-boggling. 12 points after 10-15 tries.


Simple, but addictive game!


I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simple concept but I keep playing it again and again :) Now if you want to share your code, you're more than welcome :)

Thanks...I'll try and get the code up on GitHub tomorrow?

Cool :) And thanks again for making such fun games !!!!!!


Super cute game. You can never have enough Paper Plane games on C64 :)

very good