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Gran colección. ¡Gracias!

I love those uncomplicated games with no learn curve. Thank you!

The cartdridge version is awesome.

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you know I literally just downloaded all your games 1 by 1 a week before you uploaded this damnit! :D

bgueno coleccion,gracias

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Great collection! "Don't block the box" is now called "Intersection" in this collection, i guess it was renamed later on? Good game anyway, the whole collection is good.

Thank you!

Super much appreciate the source as well!

Great ! Thanks so much Arlasoft.

Fantastic, thank you.


very good


very good

Thank you very much for your work. I hope you will develop more cool games for Vic 20 and the c64 ^^ !

Thanks for the work and this great compilation !!!!

Good lord this is Gold!! Thank you so much for also supplying the source code. I am learning 6502 ASM via C64 studio but can look at the code if I get Kickasm too.

No problem, good luck with the 6502, I learnt everything I needed from Shallan's 'Let's make a C64 game' YouTube series, which I first saw in September 2019.