A downloadable bundle


The collection is available to download for free.

 If you'd like to support further C64 development,

any tips would be greatly appreciated. 

Or you can buy one of games for which I can accept payment.



- A cartridge image file (.crt) containing all 24 of Arlasoft's C64 releases as of January 2022.

- Instant menu system to quickly select the game you wish to play.

- A pdf booklet containing information on how to play and background on each game.

- Compatible with TheC64 and TheC64 mini.

- Individual disk images (.d64) or program files (.prg) for all games.

- Source code in KickAssembler format


You can find more information about the individual games here

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Source Code.zip 65 MB
ArlasoftCollection.zip 4 MB


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Gran colección. ¡Gracias!

I love those uncomplicated games with no learn curve. Thank you!

Actually, there is a learn curve in these games too. Practice definitely makes perfect, also here. I see this, since i started playing videogames as a child. :-)

The cartdridge version is awesome.

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you know I literally just downloaded all your games 1 by 1 a week before you uploaded this damnit! :D

bgueno coleccion,gracias

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Great collection! "Don't block the box" is now called "Intersection" in this collection, i guess it was renamed later on? Good game anyway, the whole collection is good.

Thank you!

Super much appreciate the source as well!

Great ! Thanks so much Arlasoft.

Fantastic, thank you.


very good


very good

Thank you very much for your work. I hope you will develop more cool games for Vic 20 and the c64 ^^ !

Thanks for the work and this great compilation !!!!

Good lord this is Gold!! Thank you so much for also supplying the source code. I am learning 6502 ASM via C64 studio but can look at the code if I get Kickasm too.

No problem, good luck with the 6502, I learnt everything I needed from Shallan's 'Let's make a C64 game' YouTube series, which I first saw in September 2019.