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Yes, another Atari 2600 port! This one came from a request by the owner of the Commodore 64 gaming news Facebook group and took 2-3 days mixed in with some Galaga work, and actual work. 

This game is sort of a cross between Combat and Dig-Dug. The goal on each level is to destroy the six pulsing nuclear bases on the surface of the planet. These are protected by two 'Core Ranger Tanks', which will try to ram and shoot at you.

As you move your vehicle you can dig a new tunnel if none exists, helping you reach your goal but also giving the enemy an easier route to you. The quicker you can destroy all of the bases, the bigger the bonus you will get for completing the level. Take too long and the white tank above the score will take one of your six lives!

Also hidden in the dirt on each level is a special token, collecting this will net you a bonus score and will vastly improve the scores earned for hitting bases on that round. 

White Tank - can only move in tunnels dug by you, or by the blue tank. 

Blue Tank - can dig its own tunnels to try and get to you faster

As the levels progress the speed of the enemy bullets,  the extent to which they will hunt you down, and the speed of the countdown timer, will all increase.

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Really like this one. Never had a 2600 as a kid, as I started on a really poor console called the Leisurevision (The Canadian version of the Emerson Arcadia 2001) then went straight to the VIC-20 VERY shortly after. I really like this one. Kind of reminds me of a cross between dig dug and games like Tank Battalion/Battle City

Swordquest Airworld would be really cool! ;) 

Wow! Another fab game from you! Keep it up!!

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Good game and good port! I saw, that you made alot of good ports of Atari-2600 games to the C64 in last months. Very nice!

A 1-to-1 port of the Atari-2600 "Phoenix" game to the C64 would be fantastic. Even when the Atari-2600 port of this game looks and plays quite different to the original Arcade-version of "Phoenix", it doesn't matter much, because the Atari-2600 version of the game has it's own charm and plays really very good. It's my favorite game on the system and not only mine, alot of people like it on this console. Having exactly this game also on the C64 would be superb. Maybe you could think about it?

very good