Release V1

I'm pleased to announce that Galaga for the Commodore 64  is feature complete and ready to go. I'm sure there will be issues that will come up as more people play the game, and I'll work to fix those as they come up, but for now, please enjoy!

Additions & Improvements

- Two-player co-op mode. Game over when losing player loses team’s last life.

- Challenging stages 6-8 implemented.

- New, improved player ship sprite.

- Cap enemy speeds on later levels.

- Added scoring/info screen, shown after title and hi-score screens.

- Can now pause during play using Restore key. Fire from there to quit game.

- Improved the collision detection between player missiles and enemies.

- Increased speed of enemies in formation to make them harder to hit.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed hi-score not updating on title screen.

- Fixed enemy bombs sometimes spawning from random positions.

- Fixed lives display, would sometimes show incorrect number of ships.

- Fixed scoring not always being applied correctly on boss Galagas.

- Fixed scoring for killing enemies in initial entry waves.

- Fixed score/bonus value popups not always being shown.

- Dual ships will continue to show between stages.

- Fixed beam boss sometimes being killed when another enemy shot.

- Fixed orphaned fighter causing soft lock in levels with four diving entry enemies.

- Game will now wrap after stage 255 back to stage 1.

- Fixed bullets sometimes not getting fired from centre of ship.

- Fixed formation enemy explosion animation.

- Fixed glitched explosion showing on far left of screen.

- Fixed enemies being partially overwritten when READY message shows.


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