Hotfix 2 - entry wave scoring

Dopey here - for some reason I changed this from the preview versions, wrongly thinking the lower scores should be awarded when killing enemies as the wave enters the screen. Reverted to award 100, 160 and 400 rather than 50, 80 and 160. 

Also includes a fix whereby game over did not occur when your last ship was captured, again a regression bug since the previews.


galaga_v102.d64 170 kB
Sep 25, 2021

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very good

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    • after stage 9, enemy waves don't appear on the screen. 
    • Happened in stage 10 and 12.
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    the same issue discovered at stage 13, ver 103.

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    Are you playing in VICE? Next time this happens please could you save a VICE snapshot? Menu > Snapshot > Save Snapshot image. 

    It's the same bug posted yesterday.

    Yes, played  in Vice. No problem a out snapshot. I'll try the game with a real C64. 

    Should already be fixed in v1.04

    Perfect! I'll try it tinight😄

    There is a little difference, in the score system,  between Arcade and your great port of Galaga.  

    If you kill this enemy 

    during the challenging stage, you should get 400 PTS, but you receive only 100

    Challenging stage 1: should be 3800

    EeEsh haven't seen that bug for months