Version 1.04

Another day, another 'critical' Galaga seems having hundreds of testers instead of three is a good way to reveal hidden bugs.

  • Fixed possible soft lock in later stages when in dual ship mode. 

For some reason the count of enemies remaining from the entry wave, that should decrease when an enemy is killed or flies off, was not reaching zero. Fixed by instead counting the number of active enemies on every frame and using this if the two tallies disagree.

  • Fixed 2nd player bullets occasionally not firing from the centre of the ship.

Bullets are drawn using characters. Each time the ship sprite moved it would add the number of pixels to the offset within the current character it is over, and if the offset went above 7 or below 0, move to the next character along. This could sometimes get out of sync and the ship thought it was over a different character, therefore the bullets were drawn in the wrong place. Fixed by having a lookup table for each X position that gives the char and offset the bullet should be spawned at. Horrible waste of 512 bytes but at this point, who cares!


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66 days ago

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