Version 1.05

I think we're getting there....thanks to everyone who has played so far and reported bugs so this can be as good a game as possible. I'm sure the cracking groups are tearing their hair out with these incremental updates. Apologies for spamming your inboxes.

  • Finally fixed issue where having last ship captured would not end the game

I created a new variable called 'GameOver' just for use when your ship docks at the top. Unfortunately I cleverly gave it the same label as the routine 'GameOver' that sets the value, so instead of incrementing the flag it was incrementing the actual code....not only would this mean game over would not be triggered but this would eventually cause a full crash.

  • Killing a boss Galaga during a challenging stage now scores 400 instead of 100.


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65 days ago

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When are we getting a video for us too lazy to unpack our c64? :)

There's a few on Youtube, here's one 

Also just made it playable in the browser on the main page.